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Confiscated Drug Burn

Pope/Douglas operates a convenient program to destroy confiscated drugs. This program is for law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement agencies across Minnesota seize a variety of drug wastes during criminal investigations and eventually need to dispose of them safely after the drug wastes are no longer needed for criminal justice purposes. Public safety concerns preclude transfer of these wastes to traditional waste haulers for disposal or improperly placing them in the regular garbage due to hauler and waste processing facility employee safety.

Drug Burns ONLY Accepted Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Set Up A New Account

  • Contact Pope/Douglas Solid Waste to set up drug burn account. Await for approval from Pope/Douglas.

Disposal Preparation and Transport

  • Delivery of drug/items must be done in manageable sized boxed (like filing boxes).
  • No loose or bagged up drugs/items accepted.
  • No steel or fiber drums accepted.
  • Prefer taped boxes (and bottom/bottom sides of boxes) to prevent leakage of contents.
  • To prevent content leakage, the use of an inner bag placed inside the box provides containment.
  • 50 lb per box maximum weight. (Limit boxes to 16″x16″x20″)
  • Box size/type used for transport and unloading
    • QuestarUSA Labpacker 20 (and smaller) boxes are acceptable.
    • Paper ream paper size boxes and similar type also acceptable.
  • Failure to follow the guidelines and protocols established will result in additional disposal costs and/or rejection of materials received for disposal. Any unacceptable materials received for disposal shall be returned to the party delivering materials.

Drug Burns ONLY Accepted Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Thank you in cooperating with the packaging standards as boxes are unloaded manually/safety reasons

Program Prices

Confiscated Drugs

Tip Fee: $150.00 flat fee (per transaction, NOT per collection site)

+ $.50 / lb tip fee (based on actual weight of all filled boxes)

+ 17% State Tax (based on 17% State Solid Waste Management Tax)

NO Charge for Local Law Enforcement items generated in Pope/Douglas Counties.