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Events Recycling Assistance Program

Mini grants are available to businesses and commercial entities to encourage the use of compostable items/compostable bags to reduce contamination of the organics recycling stream.

Eligible events: church/community meals, grand opening/customer appreciation events, civic events, city/township/county events, community festivals.

Step 1: Bin Request form

To get started – fill out request for event bins form.

Request for Event Recycling Bins and Bin Type FORM

Submit to: [email protected]

Step 2: Compostable Items Request Form

To get started – fill out compostable items form.

(Must commit to using organics recycling bins and provide bin monitoring)

Request for Compostable Items Form

Submit to: [email protected]

Step 3: Green Warrior Assistance Program

Make sure the right thing goes into the correct bin.

Need event recycling bin monitors? Check out the Green Warrior Assistance Program for more info!

Contact Pope/Douglas for more information.