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Green Warrior Assistance Program

Mini grants to area youth groups and non-profits to assist at community events for recycling and organics recycling setup/bin monitoring and supplies.

Being a Green Warrior means you fight waste.  You fight for recycling and a greener and cleaner community.

Green Warriors will receive the tools to create positive change at community/civic/faith-based events to recycle more and trash less!

  • Each warrior receives a ‘Ask Me How To Put Waste In Its Place!’ tee-shirt.
  • Recycling bins/organics recycling bins/misc items are supplied by Pope/Douglas and haulers.
  • The community group (that supplies the Green Warriors) receives a $150.00 grant to assist their community group do great things in our community.  Refer to the Green Warrior Intro Letter – above – for more details.

Contact Pope/Douglas for more information on being a Green Warrior to make a lasting impact in our community.


Nathan Reinbold
Environmental Coordinator
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