Electronics & Appliance Recycling

Pope/Douglas does not accept electronics/e-waste/Freon-containing appliances

Pope/Douglas does accept non-Freon appliances – like washers/dryers, stoves/ovens, microwaves, furnaces/heaters, dishwashers, metal water heaters. You must bring someone with to assist in unloading your appliances

E-waste does need to be managed correctly due to hazardous materials in the items.

Several options exist for Pope and Douglas County businesses to safely recycle obsolete or unwanted electronics or e-waste.

Contact the options below for proper recycling.

Pope/Douglas Accepts Non-Freon Appliances

Pope/Douglas’ Recycling Center accepts non-Freon appliances for free recycling. These include: washers/dryers, stoves/ovens/microwaves, furnaces/heaters, dishwashers, water heaters.

You must bring someone with to assist in unloading your appliances

Pope/Douglas does not accept appliances that contain Freon. These include: refrigerators/freezers/air conditioners/dehumidifiers/etc.

No water softeners accepted.

Cell Phones/Printer Cartridges/Wire Charger/String Lights Recycling

Scrap wire/electrical cords/etc

Wires, extension cords, holiday/Christmas light strings. telephone wires, electrical cords from electronic devices. Simply drop these items at the Recycling Center.

Cell phones/Printer cartridges/etc

All inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, GPS devices, digital cameras, MP3 players and headsets are accepted regardless of brand or condition. Simply drop these items at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility located at the Recycling Center.

Pope/Douglas does not recycle landline phones.

However, recycle the telephone cords/wires and rechargeable batteries from cordless phone handsets. Drop off at Recycling Center.

Drop-Off Facilities (e-waste and appliance recycling)

Call options below to check on items accepted and disposal/recycling fees.

Douglas County Demolition and Disposal – (320) 763-4712

Tom Kraemer Inc. – (320) 634-5668

Waste Management Transfer Station – (888) 960-0008

Todd County Transfer Station – (320) 594-2210

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency maintains a statewide list of licensed recyclers and collectors of e-waste. Statewide List of E-Waste Recyclers and Collectors

Big Box Store Drop-Off and Manufacturer Mail-In

Best Buy Stores. Visit their Electronics/Small Appliance Recycling website. Find Best Buy locations within driving vicinity of Pope/Douglas Counties.

Staples accepts many items for free.  Visit their Recycling and Eco Services website.

Various types of mail-back programs are offered by Apple, Cannon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, LG, Panasonic/Sharp/Toshiba, Samsung and Sony.

Community Events Collection

These companies can come to your site and provide pickup of your items.

Albany Recycling Center – (320) 845-2747

A&A Recycling – (320) 987-2009

S.W. Recycling – (320) 235-9323 or (800) 366-8665


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Environmental Programs Manager
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