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Recycling Center/Drop-Offs

Recycling is an important part of effective waste management programs.  Items are returned back to the manufacturing process to make new items – reducing resource use and pollution.

Recycling also reduces demand and wear and tear on local garbage processing facilities – such as Pope/Douglas’ Waste to Energy Facility.

Recycling Supports Our Economy – Learn more

Recycling Drop-Off in Alexandria

Pope/Douglas operates a Recycling Center that accepts a variety of items.

If you have curbside recycling service, contact your garbage and recycling hauler for information on what they accept in your single sort recycling bin and how they want the items prepared.

Recycling Center Brochure (Items Accepted) at Jefferson Street location in Alexandria

Recycling Drop-Off in Glenwood

Pope/Douglas is actively working with Pope County and the City of Glenwood to locate a permanent year-round Environmental Drop Site in Glenwood to better serve Pope County residents.

Consider voicing your support to city staff, city council and local business leaders.

Recycling Trailer (Glenwood and Starbuck)

Pope/Douglas operates a mobile recycling trailer, on a seasonal basis, in the communities of Starbuck and Glenwood.

There is a recycling attendant on-site to assist you with waste and recycling questions!

Recycling Trailer and Recycling Center Brochure

The Pope/Douglas 2020 recycling trailer runs from May through September.

Every Tuesday in Glenwood (May 5 – Sept 29) at Tom’s Market

Every Thursday in Starbuck (May 7 – Oct 1) at Tom’s Market

Trailer is on-site from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thank you Tom’s Market and the Buysse family for allowing Pope/Douglas to offer this service at your stores!

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