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Multifamily Recycling

Pope/Douglas is working with haulers, owners/managers and residents of multifamily buildings in Pope and Douglas Counties to increase recycling access.

Multifamily is defined as that is composed of 4 or more units.

These include apartments, condos/condominiums, townhouses, HOA’s (Home Owner Associations), independent living, assisted living.

Single family houses, duplexes and triplexes fall under traditional curbside recycling programs.

Interested in reducing waste at your business or multi-family property? We can help! With free technical assistance from Minnesota Waste Wise as well as educational resources and grant funds from Pope and Douglas Counties, we look forward to helping you optimize your recycling and organics programs. Join the growing number of other local properties reducing waste and get started by contacting Elizabeth Walsh with Minnesota Waste Wise at 651-292-3918 or [email protected].

Need help setting up or improving recycling?

Join us. Pope/Douglas Solid Waste and waste haulers are partnering with multifamily buildings to help everyone recycle right!

If you are a property owner, a property manager, or concerned resident looking to increase your recycling access and want to learn more contact Pope/Douglas Solid Waste to schedule an on-site building recycling assessment.

To get started, simply submit this multifamily recycling survey:

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