Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and was used in a variety of products.

Asbestos containing items are highly toxic and can cause mesothelioma cancer.

Business Generated Asbestos Guidance

MPCA Asbestos Program

This program works to prevent emissions of asbestos-containing materials during both renovation and demolition projects.

The program includes specific regulations for inspecting for asbestos, what asbestos needs to removed and when, and emission control procedures used to control asbestos fibers during the actual removal.

Regulations also cover transporting, packaging and disposing of asbestos.

Businesses must contact the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency prior to starting work.

Business Non-Friable Asbestos Disposal

Businesses must contact one of the following hazardous waste disposal options.

Items accepted include:

  • Solidified roof tars with asbestos
  • Solidified plastic cement with asbestos
  • Solidified adhesives with asbestos
  • Aluminum roof coating with asbestos

Business Friable Asbestos Disposal

Items accepted:

  • Intact or pulverized asbestos containing tiles and shingles
  • Insulation with asbestos
  • Other building materials

Manifests are needed for business-generated materials.  Materials must be properly prepared for disposal.

Contact the MPCA for further guidance.

Instructions for disposal below.

Step One: Prepare the Material

  • ‘Wet’ the tiles/insulation/etc with spray bottle filled with water.
  • Use – 2 – 6 mil poly bags to contain the ‘wetted’ tiles/insulation/etc.
  • Tie up poly bags.
  • Tape up seams of poly bags and opening area with heavy duty packing tape

Step Two: Drop-Offs

  • Douglas County Demolition and Disposal – 320-763-4712
    • Service to transport asbestos materials to the Morrison County landfill for a fee.
  • Morrison County Landfill – Little Falls – 320-632-1944


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Environmental Programs Manager
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