Glacial Ridge Compost Facility:

Glacial Ridge Compost Facility:

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Coming Soon! Currently planned for EARLY FALL 2023

STA Certified Compost

One of the easiest ways to improve soil health is to incorporate compost. Compost application on yards, gardens, or mixed with potting soil for potted plants and raised garden beds helps create the ideal growing conditions for your plants to succeed.

Glacial Ridge Compost Facility’s compost is made from collected yard trimmings, wood chips, and collected organics (food scraps and compostable items) from a multi-county regional area of west-central MN.
Learn more about available compost products below.

Note: several finished and/or blended compost options will not be made available until adequate amounts of finished compost are created.

The Glacial Ridge Compost Facility believes in creating a safe product for sale. We do this by participating in the US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program. Through the STA program, we test for pathogens, heavy metals, nutrients, carbon/nitrogen ratio, organic content, pH, and compost maturity.

STA-certified compost

Grade 2 Compost

Compost made from leaves, yard materials, wood chip and collected food scraps/organics. Used for soil amending and for erosion control on road, ditch, and trail projects. MnDOT 3890 specified compost.


STA Tested Organic Compost

Compost made from leaves, yard materials, and wood chips. Used for soil amending. Final product tested for pathogens, heavy metal, nutrients, carbon/nitrogen ratio, maturity (Solvita test). STA certified compost.


STA Topdressing Organic Compost

Same compost created as the standard STA tested compost but is screened to a finer particle size – creating ideal application to existing grass/turf areas. STA certified compost.


Bagged STA Tested Organic Compost

Our standard STA tested Organic Compost in a 1 cubic foot bag.

Benefits of Using Compost

Safer for People, Animals, and the Environment

No harmful chemicals or dangerous microbes. Just the good stuff your plants need.

Quality Ingredients Make Better Compost

Safely feed your plants and lawn with nutrient-rich resources provided by naturally composted food, yard, and organic scraps.

A Greener Community

Build a brighter future for our community by reducing waste and toxic chemical usage. 


Landscaping Tools Available For Rent

The Glacial Ridge Compost Facility is exploring options in the near future to acquire resources, such as, compost top-spreaders, for use by professional landscapers, contractors, city/county public works and parks departments. These tools would be made available through an equipment loan agreement.

We think that having the right tool for the job will allow for easy use of compost to top-dress gardens, yards, and other areas that need a spruce up that applying a think layer of nutrient-rich compost would provide.

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