Future Facilities & Upgrades

Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management operates a fully integrated solid waste, recycling, pollution prevention and outreach/education system.

We are currently working with the Governor’s Office, MN House and MN Senate to secure funding through the Capital Assistance Program (CAP).

These planned facility upgrades were extensively studied through third party consultants to assist the Pope/Douglas Joint Powers Board and Executive Director determine the best course of action to maintain our level of service to the community and region for the next 30 years.

2020 CAP Grant Presentation – 8 County Partnership

Current Site Plan and Layout for Resource Recovery and Recycling Campus

PHASE I Bonding Requests ($5 Million CAP Bonds Received in 2020):

  • Environmental Center (Household Hazardous Waste, Recycling, Problem Materials, Education, Administration)
    • Construction to begin spring of 2022.
  • Scale House (Shipping/Receiving Area, Truck Scale, Truck Roads/Queuing Areas)
    • Construction to begin summer of 2021.
  • Regional Organics Composting Facility (Office, Compost Processing Building)
    • Construction to begin summer of 2021.

PHASE II Bonding Request (Currently Seeking $4 Million in CAP Bonds in 2021):

  • Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
    • Construction on hold until CAP Bonds are secured.

Check out the vision for Pope/Douglas below!

Advanced Material Recovery Facility

Phase II Campus Plan: Advanced Material Recovery Facility
Phase II: Advanced Material Recovery Facility

MRF Sorters at conveyor and baler

Pope/Douglas operates a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).  The facility was added in 2003 for the purpose of removing some recyclables, hazardous and problem items.  The renovation and expansion of the MRF is part of Phase II.

85-90% of all incoming waste is run through the current front-end processing facility before a main conveyor drops the processed waste to the Waste to Energy pit.

The equipment is worn out after extensive use since 2003.  Existing equipment was installed in a confined space making it impossible to incorporate new equipment – such as robotics and other automation to increase processing efficiency – while maintaining employee safety.

Approximately 2.5% of recyclable materials were able to be extracted (mechanically and manually) from the waste.  Future facility upgrades will enable up to 8% of materials to be pulled from the waste stream as recyclables (cans, plastic bottles/jugs, corrugated cardboard, wire, ferrous and non-ferrous misc metals and problem materials that can affect the Waste to Energy equipment.

  • Current Recycling Recovery Rate of MRF (2.5%)
  • Proposed Recycling Recovery Rate of MRF (8%)

Proposed Facility will consist of advanced material processing equipment, including robotics!

Take at look at the Polk County Resource Recovery Facility that has the ability to switch from single sort recycling to unprocessed garage that is able to pull out certain items for recycling – instead of having them trashed or sent to the Waste to Energy Facility.

Phase I: Environmental Center & Operations Support

Pope/Douglas opened up the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility in 1993 and the Recycling Drop Center in 1997.

  • In 1993, the number of customers was 1,000
  • In 2018, the number of customers was over 36,000

The HHW Facility and Recycling Drop Area was not sized to meet the growing demands.  The facility is landlocked with no room for expansion.  Safety risk exposure are of concern.  The current site and layout limits the ability to add business hazardous waste service and accept other materials for recycling (e-waste, appliances, tires, mattresses, polystyrene, bulk/film plastics, etc)

As part of securing Phase I CAP Bonding in 2020, Pope/Douglas proposes to construct a new facility to meet the current and future needs of our area.  This new facility will be called the Environmental Center.

Phase I: Regional Organics Composting Site

Pope/Douglas is currently in the permitting stage with the MN Pollution Control Agency to develop a regional organics composting facility to serve the counties of Douglas, Pope, Grant, Stevens, Otter Tail.  Additional counties would be welcomed to participate in the organics recycling program and should contact Pope/Douglas for additional information.

Pilot 1: 2017-2019

  • Organics collection began for several schools and businesses in Pope & Douglas Counties
  • ‘Organix’ co-collection curbside organics recycling started (Osakis, Glenwood, Elbow Lake)
  • Several community organics drop sites were developed

Phase 1: 2020

  • Construction of an Organics Transfer Station to serve the 5 county regional organics partnership
  • Capacity for up to 1,000 tons/year

Phase 2: 2021

  • Site will be permitted to process up to 15,000 tons/year within 10-15 years (projected)
  • Initial build-out permitted to process 25 tons/year
  • Construction of an Organics Processing Facility

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