Yard Waste

Yard waste is not accepted in your regular garbage.

The Pope/Douglas Waste to Energy Facility is not allowed to incinerate yard waste.

Options exist for properly managing generated yard waste.

Some haulers offer curbside yard waste pickup service in certain areas.

Yard Waste Drop Sites

Year-round drop off options exist at several Construction/Demolition Landfill sites.

Several cities in Pope and Douglas Counties have a yard waste drop site for their residents.

Contact your city for more information.

Backyard Composting

Composting in your backyard is an affordable way to manage your yard waste and food scraps year-round. Get more information below. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on backyard composting

Compost Bins

Pope/Douglas does not sell compost bins or compostable bags.  There are options below.


Vermicomposting is another method of managing organic wastes – using red wigglers!

More information can be found below.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on composting food scraps indoors

University of MN Extension Composting and Mulching: A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Waste

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