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Non-Hazardous Industrial Burn Program

Pope/Douglas operates a convenient Non-Hazardous Industrial Burn program to assist businesses do the right thing with their non-hazardous industrial wastes to minimize environmental risk.

Non-hazardous industrial wastes are delivered at the Pope Douglas Waste to Energy Facility. These wastes will end up being dumped directly into the waste pit for direct waste to energy incineration.

This type of waste should not be thrown in with your regular everyday waste
as it needs to be handled separately to protect employees and facilities.

About 85% of the wastes sent to Pope Douglas are sent through the Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to extract certain items out for recycling or problem materials to reduce facility wear and tear. Non-hazardous industrial wastes are not regular everyday wastes and need to be handled separately to reduce wear and tear on the equipment of the Material Recycling Facility and other operational and environmental concerns.

Special Burns ONLY Accepted Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Nathan Reinbold
Environmental Coordinator
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