Empty Pesticide Container Recycling

Pesticide jugs, bottles and barrels can be recycled – with proper preparation.

These containers may be recycled year-round at the Pope/Douglas Recycling Center or brought to a special container round-up event hosted by Pope/Douglas.

Containers must be triple rinsed prior to delivery.

Year-Round Drop-Off

Pope/Douglas’ Recycling Center does accept empty pesticide containers year-round.  Containers must be triple rinsed prior to delivery.

Containers accepted:

  • Containers must be marked with the #2 recycling symbol
  • 55 gallons and less in size
  • Labels removed as best you can
  • Clean, dry and properly rinsed out
  • NO mini-bulk or containers larger than 55 gallons

Special Drop-Off Events

Pope/Douglas hosts special ’round-up’ events for empty pesticide containers.

This brings focused attention to make sure these containers are recycled – rather than burned or buried on-site.

Drop off your items June 1st-Oct 1st if possible.

Triple Rinsing Instructions

All empty pesticide containers, jugs, bottles and drums must be triple rinsed prior to recycling drop-off.

Containers Over 56 Gallons

Pope/Douglas’ Recycling Center does accept mini-bulks including caged intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

Recycling options for these size and style of containers:

Waste Pesticide Collection Program

Pope/Douglas’ Household Hazardous Waste Facility is set up to accept waste pesticides.

Free disposal for pesticides in 55 gallon and smaller containers.

Mini-bulks and caged intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are not accepted.

The following is not accepted:

  • Pesticide Rinsate
  • Empty Containers
  • Fertilizers
  • Crop oil
  • Spreader/stickers
  • Foam markers
  • Seed dye and inoculants
  • Other products not covered in MDA’s disposal program

What is pesticide rinsate?

Pesticide rinsate is a dilute water mixture created when a pesticide user cleans their pesticide application or storage equipment, rinses containers, or cleans up a pesticide spill. Rinsate is to be managed by using it per pesticide label directions.

MN Dept of Agriculture Waste Pesticide Collection Program

This program is sponsored by the MN Dept of Agriculture


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Environmental Programs Manager
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