Bulb Recycling

Businesses with 50 bulbs or less may drop them off when the Environmental Center/Household Hazardous Waste Facility is open.

Large Quantity Bulb Drop-Off

Businesses with more than 50 bulbs must fill out the recycling form below. The current Household Hazardous Waste Facility has limited storage. We ask that large quantity generators of bulbs arrange for dropping off their bulbs at a scheduled bulb drop off day.

Send form to Pope/Douglas at least 1 week prior to the scheduled drop off day.

Fill out recycling form HERE

2024 Large Quantity Bulb Recycling Drop Off Days: Jan 16, March 19, May 21, July 16, Sept 17, Nov 19

Bulbs accepted: fluorescent tubes, CFL’s/compact fluorescent screw-in or push-in bulbs, ‘U’ fluorescent bulbs, circular fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent shatter shield bulbs, fluorescent projector bulbs, HID/shop/farm yard bulbs.

Bulbs not accepted: incandescent bulbs, auto lamps, LED bulbs or halogen bulbs.

Participating Power Utilities

Residents and businesses who have Agralite Electric CooperativeLake Region Cooperative Electric Association (LREC), Alexandria Light and Power (ALP), Runestone Electric Association (REA), and Xcel Energy may recycle their fluorescent bulbs at the Pope/Douglas Household Hazardous Waste Facility or recycling partners free of charge.

Pope/Douglas manages the program, in partnership with these electric utilities.

Other Bulb Recycling Options

Besides bulb recycling at Pope/Douglas or recycling partner locations; there are additional options.

Fees may exist at some locations.

  • Menards – CFL/Compact Fluorescent Lights ONLY recycling for FREE.
  • Hardware Stores – Many hardware stores accept CFL’s/HID’s/Fluorescent Tubes for a nominal fee.
  • Alex Rubbish and Recycling – CFL’s/HID’s/Fluorescent Tubes for a nominal fee.
  • Xcel Energy’s Responsible By Nature site has a look-up of hardware stores in the state who also recycle bulbs for free or for a fee.

Pope/Douglas Bulb Drop-off Participating Locations

Pope/Douglas has worked with the locations below to set up free bulb recycling as part of the Pope/Douglas Cooperative Bulb Recycling Program. Recycle bulbs for free at the Pope/Douglas Household Hazardous Waste Facility or locations below.

  • Ace Hardware – Glenwood – CFL’s/HID’s/Fluorescent Tubes at no additional cost.
  • Tom Kraemer Inc. – CFL’s/HID’s/Fluorescent Tubes at no additional cost..


Nathan Reinbold
Environmental Programs Manager
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