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Boat Wrap Recycling

Lots of plastic is used to wrap boats, jet skis and pontoons. 

Instead of trashing the plastic – recycle it.

There are a few options to recycle your boat wrap.

Farms and Businesses who have set up collection service.

2021 Agricultural/Boat Plastic & Film Collection Calendar

Refer to introduction letter for more info.

Recycling Center Drop Off Option

Pope/Douglas offers recycling of certain plastic films/bags at the Pope/Douglas Recycling Drop-off Center in Alexandria.

Items accepted at Pope/Douglas recycling dumpster

Only acceptable items may be placed in recycling dumpster.

ONLY known LDPE/#4 plastic films accepted. HPDE/#2 plastic films/wraps/bags are NOT accepted in this recycling dumpster.

Boat Wrap must be free of any ropes or straps.

Complete the Recycling Loop

Purchasing items with recycled content is a vital part of what makes recycling programs successful.

Cole Paper is the local distributor of Revolution Bags.  These bags are made from the collected agricultural/marine/horticultural films/wraps. Help sustain keeping our waterways and farm fields clean of plastic – by purchasing Revolution Bags.

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