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Curbside Recycling


Recycling Supports Our Economy - Learn more.


Recycle Right: Curbside Recycling/Wishcycling

Recycling/Organics/Trash Posters and Signs

Recycling Rate for Pope/Douglas Counties

Pope/Douglas Recycling Center/Drop-Off


Review the list of items generally accepted in your curbside recycling cart by your Waste/Recycling Hauler. Pope/Douglas is not a Waste/Recycling Hauler.


   Licensed Garbage/Recycling Haulers

   Providing curbside garbage and recycling service

   in Pope and Douglas Counties.





Alex Rubbish and Recycling (320) 763-4712

Engebretson Sanitation (320) 589-3804

Long Prairie Sanitary Service (320) 732-6464

Mattheisen Disposal (320) 843-2120

West Central Sanitation (800) 246-7630

Waste Management (320) 762-1118 or (800) 654-4306


Recycle Right : Don't Put Certain Things in Recycling Cart

Wishcycling is an act in which someone places something in the recycling cart in hopes that it can be recycled - when in fact it can't be.  Wishcycling leads to increased processing costs for haulers and MRF's (Material Recycling Facilities) - which will end up costing you more!

Follow directions of your hauler to place the correct things in your recycling cart.

Please recycle right. 

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Generally, don't place the following in your recycling cart.


1. Plastic Bags/Film/Bread Bags/Ziploc Bags/Newspaper Bags

Why Not? - The bags become tangled up on recycling facility equipment.

Option: Take to a special drop off bin located at big box/grocery stores for recycling.


2. Food and Beverage Pouches

Why Not? - Difficult to recycle as product is made of plastic and aluminum.

Option: Place in your regular garbage cart.


3. Loose Shredded Paper

Why Not? Small bits of paper confuse recycling machinery and end up being screened out as 'broken glass' - which contaminates the glass recycling stream at MRF's.

Option: Place shredded paper in closed paper grocery bags.








4. Drinking Glasses, Window Glass, Ceramics

Why Not? Different types of glass melt at various temps.  When a company attempts to melt down food/beverage bottles and jars to make new bottles/jars and it is contaminated with other glass types the end product is defective in quality.

Option: Toss drinking glasses, window panes and ceramics in your regular garbage cart or donate them to a second hand store.


5. Electronics and Batteries

Why Not? Increases operational costs at MRF's.

Option: Use existing options for recycling batteries or electronics/e-waste.

6. Garden Hoses and Extension Cords

Why Not? Becomes tangled in equipment and Increases operational costs at MRF's.

Option: Garden hoses/etc should be cut down in 10 ft sections and tossed into your regular garbage cart. Extension cords/holiday lights/wire can be recycled at Pope/Douglas Recycling Center.

7. Loose Bottle Caps

Why Not? They are so small that they contaminate the glass recycling stream at MRF's.

Option: They should be screwed back on the bottle that is being recycled.

8. Needles/Sharps

Why Not? They increase employee hazards and injury at MRF's.

Option: Properly dispose of household sharps and business/healthcare sharps.

9. Styrofoam/Bubble Wrap/Peanuts

Why Not? Contaminates the recycling streams at MRF's.

Option: Not readily recyclable at this time. Alexandria and other UPS stores do accept certain Styrofoam peanuts for reuse in their operation.


Posters: Recycling, Trash, Organics Recycling

FREE downloadable posters and signs to help educate your waste and recycling program!


Recycling Rate For Pope/Douglas Counties

Recycling rates in Pope and Douglas Counties was 42% in 2013, jumped to 50% in 2014, and is now 59%.  This is a great percentage of the waste that is going for making new products and creating jobs, but of course, we can always do better.  Recycle when and where you can. 


Pope/Douglas Recycling Drop-off Center

Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management runs a Recycling Center.  The materials accepted at the PDSWM Recycling Center varies in the type of items accepted and how the items must be prepared.

Pope/Douglas Recycling Center Brochure for knowing what is accepted at the Recycling Center and how to prepare your items prior to arrival for quick and easy drop-off.