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Organics Recycling Overview


Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management is working with garbage haulers to develop sustainable and comprehensive solutions and programs to manage Organics (food scraps and soiled/non-recyclable paper) in the garbage.

Organics make up 38% of our waste stream.

Several Organics management options exist and more will be developed as partnerships are created and long-term programs are rolled out.

The Life of a Strawberry.

Wasting Food Wastes Everything - Water, Labor, Fuel, Money, Love


What is Organics Recycling?

Composting is an environmentally preferable solution that diverts waste from waste to energy facilities (incinerators) and landfills. Organic waste is wet and difficult to burn and emits methane gas, a detrimental greenhouse gas, when it decomposes in landfills. The resulting compost used in landscaping and road construction projects will improve the quality of the soil, reduce soil erosion, and prevent storm water runoff from contaminating wetlands, lakes and streams in our community.

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Osakis Schools Organics Recycling Set Up

Do the 3 Sort to Reduce Waste and Recycle More

Recycling (Cans/Bottles/Paper/Cardboard) = approximately 40%

Organics Recycling (Food Scraps and Soiled/Non-Recyclable Papers) = approximately 40%

Trash (Garbage) = 20%