Plastic Films/Boat Wrap/Product Wrap/Agricultural Plastic Recycling


Drop off at Pope/Douglas Recycling Center.

Check out info below to see what is accepted.

Recycling dumpster is serviced by Revolution Plastics.

Collected items are made into new products – recycled content receptacle liners, building products and more.

Items Accepted

Only place items identified as being acceptable to place in dumpster.

Other plastics are not accepted as they will contaminate the dumpster and will lead to program failure.

Items Accepted in Recycling Dumpster

Purchase Revolution Bags - Made from Collected Plastic

Purchasing items with recycled content is a vital part of what makes recycling programs successful.

Cole Paper is the local distributor of Revolution Bags.  These bags are made from the collected agricultural/marine/horticultural films/wraps.  Revolution Plastics are the collection part of capture these materials to be made into new products – like Revolution Bags.

The items collected in the films/wraps/etc recycling dumpster at Pope/Douglas’ Recycling Center are made into new things – like Revolution Bags.

Help sustain keeping our waterways and farm fields clean of plastic – by purchasing Revolution Bags.

Cole Papers, Inc.

Pope/Douglas Revolution Bags label for distribution

Phone: 320-763-9340
Toll Free: 800-972-6318
Fax: 320-763-9342

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Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8-12 and 1-4:30
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Recycling Center Hours
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Saturday 9-2
Closed Sundays

Hazardous Waste Hours
Monday-Friday 8-12 and 1-4
Closed Saturday and Sunday
No appointment necessary

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