Yard Waste

Yard waste is not accepted in your regular garbage.  The Pope/Douglas Waste to Energy Facility is not allowed to incinerate yard waste.

Options exist for properly managing generated yard waste.

Glacial Ridge Compost Facility

Pope/Douglas is currently constructing the Glacial Ridge Compost Facility.

Site will be operational at the end of 2020.

At this time, the site will not be accepting yard waste/brush from households.  Contact Pope/Douglas, if your business is interested in utilizing the site to drop off yard waste/brush.


Yard Waste Drop Sites

Year-round drop off options exist at several Construction/Demolition Landfill sites.

Several cities in Pope and Douglas Counties have a yard waste drop site for their residents.

Contact your city for more information.

Backyard Composting

Composting in your backyard is an affordable way to manage your yard waste and food scraps year-round as part of greening your business.

Get more information below.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on backyard composting

University of MN Extension Composting and Mulching: A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Waste

Small Site Composting

Small Site Composting is similar to Backyard Composting.

The biggest difference is the much larger amount of materials that are allowed to be composted on-site and is a great fit for institutions like:

  • Schools, Colleges and Educational Sites
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Group Homes
  • Churches and other Places of Workship
  • Yard and Lawn Care Mowing/Maintenance Companies

‘Included in the definition of small compost sites is a provision limiting their size to no more than 120 cubic yards of material on site at any given time.

The size limit applies to all food scraps, yard waste and other feedstocks brought to the site as well as any active or finished compost. Compared to a typical backyard compost pile, this size limit is fairly large. 120 cubic yards is approximately the size of a semi trailer.

Small compost sites are not required to obtain a permit from the state.’

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency information on small composting sites

University of MN Extension Composting and Mulching: A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Waste


compost indoors with worms

Vermicomposting is another method of managing organic wastes – using red wigglers!

More information can be found below.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on composting food scraps indoors

University of MN Extension Composting and Mulching: A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Waste

Christmas Tree Recycling

Recycle your trees after you’re done making merry!

The trees will be ground up for local park trails.

2017 Christmas Tree and Lights Recycling Ad

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