Event Recycling

Events of any size can  generate a lot of waste.  Set up properly marked recycling containers to divert recyclables from entering the waste stream.

Food and beverage containers/bottles/cans recycling bins and organics (food scraps/napkins/etc) recycling bins are available to green your event.

Reserve Event Recycling Containers

Pope/Douglas has event recycling containers to collect recyclables at your event.  These containers are available to event coordinators, community groups, businesses and others to assist in collecting recyclables at events.

Pope/Douglas has an events trailer to assist in delivering recycling containers to your event.  The trailer would be left at the event and would be removed the next business day after the event has concluded.

Event Recycling Containers Available and Description

Event Recycling Request Form

On-Site Recycling Pick-Up or Drop-Off Option

Recycling Collection/Pickup Service

Arrange to have a lockable recycling dumpster/carts delivered to assist in consolidating recyclables.  Keeping the recycling dumpster/carts locked during the event helps keep the recycling free from regular trash.

Large events, like fairs, generate a lot of cardboard from food vendors.  The hauler might suggest a recycling dumpster that is dedicated for just the corrugated cardboard.

Contact a garbage and recycling hauler.

Drop-off Option

You can bring your recycling (cans/bottles) to the Pope/Douglas Recycling Center.  Drop-off is free.

You can bring your organics recycling (food scraps/napkins/paper plates) to the Pope/Douglas Alexandria Area Organics Drop Site. Drop-off is free.

Organics/Recycling/Trash Bin Signs

FREE downloadable posters and signs to help educate your waste and recycling program

Organics for Composting Signs

Paper Towels for Composting Signs

Single Sort Recycling Signs

Cardboard Only Recycling Signs

Trash Signs

Other Sign Options

Do the Three Sort. Color Coded Signs and Bins helps reduce contamination in the bin.

Purchase Event Recycling Containers

It might make sense to purchase containers for on-going community events.

Several styles of bins are available for purchase. Some styles of bins that are easy to set up are below.

Corroplast recycling bins

Large capacity recycling kiosk

Pop bottle-shaped recycling bins

Busch Systems event recycling bins

ClearStream recycling bins

Windsor Barrel Works recycling bins

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