Event Recycling

Events of any size can generate a lot of waste.  Set up properly marked recycling containers to divert recyclables from entering the waste stream.

Pope/Douglas is here to assist. Check out the resources available below to make event recycling easy, affordable and successful for event planners and event attendees.

We offer:

  • Mini grants to community groups/churches/businesses to purchase compostable plates/cups/utensils to make event organics recycling easy!
  • Loanable event recycling/organics recycling bins and resources needed to do low or no cost recycling!
  • Community partner mini grants through the Green Warriors program to provide on-site/at the event assistance for servicing the recycling/organics recycling event bins and provide one-on-one education to event attendees to make greener choices for ‘putting waste in its place!’
Request Event Recycling Containers

Loanable event recycling/organics recycling bins and resources needed to do low or no cost recycling.

Fill out Request for Event Recycling Form below.


Contact Pope/Douglas for assistance.

Compostable Items for Events Recycling Assistance Program

Mini grants are available to civic/community/church groups to encourage the use of compostable items/compostable bags to reduce contamination of the organics recycling stream.

Eligible events: church/community meals, grand opening/customer appreciation events, civic events, city/township/county events, community festivals.

To get started, fill out Request for Event Recycling Form below.


Contact Pope/Douglas for more information.


Green Warriors Assistance Program

Mini grants to area youth groups and non-profits to assist at community events for recycling and organics recycling setup/bin monitoring and supplies.

Being a Green Warrior means you fight waste.  You fight for recycling and a greener and cleaner community.

Green Warriors will receive the tools to create positive change at community/civic/faith-based events to recycle more and trash less!

  • Each warrior receives a ‘Ask Me How To Put Waste In Its Place!’ tee-shirt.
  • Recycling bins/organics recycling bins/misc items are supplied by Pope/Douglas and haulers – Event Recycling Program.
  • The community group (that supplies the warriors) receives a $150.00 grant to assist their community group do great things in our community.  Refer to the Green Warrior Intro Letter – above – for more details.

Contact Pope/Douglas for more information on being a Green Warrior to make a lasting impact in our community.


Organics/Recycling/Trash Bin Signs
Purchase Event Recycling Containers

It might make sense to purchase containers for on-going community events.

Several styles of bins are available for purchase. Some styles of bins that are easy to set up are below.

Corroplast recycling bins

Large capacity recycling kiosk

Pop bottle-shaped recycling bins

Busch Systems event recycling bins

ClearStream recycling bins

Windsor Barrel Works recycling bins

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