Apartment, Condo, Townhouse Recycling

Providing access to effective recycling programs helps build a sense of community.  It’s also good for managers/owners as recycling reduces garbage bills.

Promoting Recycling In Your Building

Residents should be given the opportunity to recycle at their apartment building or townhouse association. Contact your building manager or association to find out where recycling bins are located.

Creating Recycling Awareness

  • Talk to your neighbors about setting up a recycling program.
  • Create a petition to send to building owners/managers that demands increased recycling opportunities.
  • Help monitor existing recycling areas/bins to keep the area looking nice.
  • Post recycling information in building lobbies/laundry rooms and other common spaces.
Recycling Program Signs
FREE downloadable posters and signs to help educate your waste and recycling program!

Do the Three Sort. Color Coded Signs and Bins helps reduce contamination in the bin.

Recycling Program Totes

Toss recyclables into a reusable tote bag to transfer collected items to the recycling bin/dumpster.

Apartments can be more cramped than living in a house.

However, recycling can still be collected in an apartment with a little creativity.

Using a reusable tote bag to toss recycling into takes up less space.

You can also use use a storage tote to keep things tidy before bringing it out to your building common garbage and recycling dumpster/cart area.

Simply hang it on a hook, door knob or wherever makes sense to you.



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