Agricultural Plastic Wrap Recycling

Lots of plastic is used to wrap stuff at the farm, marinas and other businesses. Round bales, silage bags, drip tubing, boat wrap and more. Instead of trashing the plastic – recycle it.

Pope/Douglas has partnered with Waste Management to provide recycling dumpster service and the Recapture recycling bag service.  For smaller farms/businesses Pope/Douglas has on-site recycling dumpster at the Pope/Douglas Recycling Center.

Contact Pope/Douglas for all ag plastic recycling questions. 

Revolution Plastics is no longer the contact for collection/dumpster/etc questions.

Thank you for Recycling Responsibly!

Dumpsters or Recapture Bags

Don’t hesitate to get signed up for ag plastics recycling.  Check out the Intro Letter below to learn more!

Ag Plastic LDPE_WM Collection Program Intro Letter

2019 Collection/Pickup Schedule

Commissioner Paul Gerde (Vice Chair, Pope/Douglas Joint Powers Board)

There are two programs offered through Pope/Douglas, in partnership with Waste Management.

  1. Revolution Plastics ‘at the farm’ recycling dumpsters
  2. Revolution Plastics Recapture recycling bags (see below)

ReCapture Bag program information

Pope/Douglas has an agreement in place with Revolution Plastics to utilize their dumpsters for the Pope/Douglas Solid Waste recycling program.  Contact Pope/Douglas directly for questions on this recycling program.

Collection/Pickup Schedule

Farms and Businesses who have set up collection service are billing $25.00 per pickup.  Refer to introduction letter for more info.

2020 Collection/Pickup Ag Plastic/Boat Wrap Schedule

12.21.18 Ag Plastic LDPE_WM Collection Program Intro Letter

Pack it right. Pack it tight.

Have a ‘Revolution Plastics’ white recycling dumpster at your farm/business?

Pack it right. Pack it tight.

No contaminates.  Only put what is accepted into the dumpster.  Pack it tightly to fit as much in as possible as this keeps operational costs to run the program sustainable.






Recycling Center Drop Off Option

Pope/Douglas offers recycling of certain plastic films/bags at the Pope/Douglas Recycling Drop-off Center in Alexandria.

Items accepted at Pope/Douglas recycling dumpster

Only acceptable items may be placed in recycling dumpster.

ONLY LDPE/#4 plastic films accepted. HPDE/#2 plastic films/wraps/bags are NOT accepted in this recycling dumpster.


Out of Pope/Douglas County Option

Are you interested in properly managing your ag film plastics but don’t live in Pope or Douglas Counties?

Options still exist for surrounding counties to do the right thing.

  1. Contact your county to see if options exist in your county
  2. One may self haul accepted plastic films/bags directly to the Waste Management Transfer Station.
    • Waste Management charges a tipping fee for baling the material and having it sent to a factory for processing to be made into new items.
    • Cost: .025 cents/lb (drop off M-F from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
    • Check or Credit Cards accepted.  NO Cash.

Waste Management – Sauk Centre Transfer Station

(South of I-94 just off HWY 71) 39864 SO HWY 71, Sauk Centre, MN 56378

Complete the Recycling Loop

Purchasing items with recycled content is a vital part of what makes recycling programs successful.

Cole Paper is the local distributor of Revolution Bags.  These bags are made from the collected agricultural/marine/horticultural films/wraps. Help sustain keeping our waterways and farm fields clean of plastic – by purchasing Revolution Bags.

Cole Papers, Inc.

Pope/Douglas Revolution Bags label for distribution

Phone: 320-763-9340
Toll Free: 800-972-6318
Fax: 320-763-9342

2115 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, MN 56308

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8-12 and 1-4:30
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Recycling Center Hours
Monday-Friday 8-5
Saturday 9-2
Closed Sundays

Hazardous Waste Hours
Monday-Friday 8-12 and 1-4
Closed Saturday and Sunday
No appointment necessary

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