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The information provided on this page is meant to guide you in your efforts

to reducing waste, recycling, composting or disposal of garbage.

Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management provides a variety of educational activities and programs both on and off-site. Please contact us to arrange a facility tour, presentation, or an educational activity.


Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management's You Tube Channel

Check out some of the great ways to help prevent pollution, recycle more, trash less and overall live a greener life!



Posters: Recycling, Trash, Organics Recycling

FREE downloadable posters and signs to help educate your waste and recycling program!

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Backyard Burning

For over four decades it has been against the law for most Minnesotans to burn or bury household wastes. In 1969 there were enough clearly established environmental and health risks for the Minnesota Legislature to outlaw backyard garbage burning. Today there are even more reasons to stop burning our own trash. Take action today to protect the health of your family and the environment. Put away that burn barrel and check out our Solid Waste Disposal or Recycling Center pages for more information about proper disposal and recycling options.

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Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Toolkit

Recent studies of Minnesota’s waters show that a wide variety of chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, insecticides, fertilizers, and those found in personal care products are ending up in lakes and rivers. Many of these substances have properties that can interfere with the functioning of hormones in animals and people. Some mimic the effects of hormones in animals and negatively impact growth and development. PDSWM helped contribute to the development of this toolkit to protect groundwater and human health.



Recycling rates in Pope and Douglas Counties was 42% in 2013, jumped to 50% in 2014, and is now 59%.  This is a great percentage of the waste that is going for making new products and creating jobs, but of course, we can always do better.  Recycle when and where you can.  Learn about the recycling process for corrugated cardboard and glass bottles and jars. Check out this fun flow diagram on waste and recycling.

Recycling Center Brochure for knowing what is accepted at the Recycling Center and how to prepare your items prior to arrival for quick and easy drop-off.

Recycling creates jobs and saves resources! Responses to 10 Common Anti-Recycling Arguments.



Plastic Packaging Reduction










Plastic Bag Free Day! 


Hands-On Activities

Crafting, Repurposing and Upcycling using oddball ends and pieces around the home, thrift stores, auctions, garage sales and more can lead to some pretty innovative and money saving new treasures!  You are only stopped by your imagination on what you can make. Some environmental organizatons in MN have great resources developed to get your creative juices flowing!  Check out Rethink Recycling's Games and Activities, also search the Internet for 'Environmental Crafts/Projects'.

Do a quick search on the Internet for 'Repurpose' or 'Upcycle' to check out all the fun things to make with items laying around. Example: 'Repurpose a Teeshirt' or 'Upcycle a Pallet'... The ideas are limitless!


Fact Sheets


Guidelines for Garbage

In an effort to further educate residents on what they should NOT throw in their garbage, PDSWM's website now contains an 'Unacceptable Waste' list. The items require special disposal or recycling options because they are either banned from going in your garbage by State and Federal Law or are wastes that cannot be incinerated because of the problems they pose for the environment and Waste-to-Energy equipment.

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Waste Sort

Pope/Douglas conducted a mandated five year solid waste sort in April 2014. Garbage trucks and garbage semis were randomly selected to take a sample of their load - the contents of the sample were 'sorted out' in various categories.  Take a peek at the action!

Straight on ViewOverhead View.


Waste to Energy/Energy Recovery

Video: Don't Trash Our Energy